Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

The Engineering team led by dedicated Management and staff played a significant role in achieving growth and increasing assets value.

The main focus of operations in the operated producing assets was in Potohar region. Successful drilling and deepening in some of the producing assets has established the presence of additional horizons that were tested and being produced. These discoveries have opened a new ground for the team players and has triggered a wave of reassessment as now there is a lot more work to do to fully exploit some of the biggest structures in North Potohar. It may be mentioned here that drilling deep and high pressure wells is always a challenge in this part of the world. Extremely high formation pressure and temperature are encountered. Trouble free operations in some of the deepest wells drilled and tested in Potohar area reflects the team coordination and the leveraged skills of the members that has increased the drilling confidence and minimized uncertainties by identifying and successfully addressing issues of concern.

Water flooding was successfully implemented in one of the oil fields that improved the overall recovery. Proper water flood mandrels with split injection in various producing horizons were installed in the injection wells to provide the required support.

The team has expertise in designing and implementing gas lift in their depleted fields. This artificial lift has resulted in improving the recovery from these fields that translates to several million barrels of oil.

Achievement of engineering team includes the planning and execution of some of the deepest open hole sidetrack in the world record. These sidetracks and deepening were executed successfully and is a true reflection of good planning and effective execution & supervision of the team.

New technologies have been introduced into the planning like underbalanced drilling in the producing interval to minimize the losses and damage to the reservoir due to depletion. Close coordination between all the team players and continued support from the higher management ensured success despite numerous problems that are usually encountered while drilling in this region.

The role of Engineering team in various non operated field cannot be overemphasized. The team remained very active in ensuring full participation in the decision making of all non operated fields to ensure Company’s interest and minimize unnecessary expenditures.

The team played significant role in collating and assessing different sources of data and synthesizing a coherent approach acceptable to the operator and other joint venture partners.