Corporate Citizenship


Corporate Citizenship


Zaver adhere to the highest standards of business conduct and aim at building successful partnerships with communities in which we operate as they are essential part of creating good and sustainable returns for shareholders.

We aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, suppliers and other clients and conduct our business with full transparency and integrity.

Zaver complies with the highest standards of ethical conduct and applicable law. The code of conduct is approved by Zaver’s Executive Board and is introduced and reinforced to the employees through induction, training and internal communications.

Our approach is based upon the principles of eco-efficiency covering the environmental impact of our activities. We are committed to the pursuit of environmentally sustainable development.

Zaver’s success is fuelled by a team with a shared vision and core values that drive its performance. We provide equal opportunities for everyone; promotion and competitive compensation of our employees are based on merit and performance. We promote fair competition, corporate governance and prevent bribery, illicit payments and corruption.

Believing in Community Investment, we support health initiatives, basic education, literacy programmes and vocational training in hosting communities.

We strive to ensure that all company’s activities are transparently communicated not only to its shareholders but also to the broader community. Accountability is in place at every level to ensure that everyone fully understands their role in contributing towards the goal of simply being the best and not the biggest.