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Development and Production Leases:

Mehar & Sofia D&P Leases

Mehar Block is located in mountainous terrain ~190 Km west of Sukkur & 300 Km north of Karachi, Sindh province, Pakistan. The block was discovered in 2003 after successful testing of Mehar-1 from Pab & Lower Ranikot reservoirs. So far, two prospects Mehar & Sofiya in the block proved to be hydrocarbon bearing while Mitto, Mehar Sub-thrust, Sofia North & Kakrio leads are under evaluation. Exploratory well Mitto-1 drilling started on 10th July 2020 & currently drilling is in progress. To date, eight wells have been drilled in Mehar Block, out of which five are producers.

Mehar-1 exploratory well was drilled down to Pab Sandstone and proved to be a commercial discovery. The appraisal well, Mehar-2, also proved commercial production both in Ranikot and Pab sandstone formation. Mehar-3 development well was spud in January 2012 and drilled to a depth of 3,965 meters into the Mughalkot Formation (Cretaceous). After successful testing of gas & condensate, the well started producing from Pab on 29th November 2013. Recent development well Mehar-5 tied up in system & started production on 19th September 2019. Cumulative production from Mehar field till 31st August 2020 is around 38.2 BSCF gas & 2.5 MMSTB of condensate.

Sofia discovery was made in 2013 after successful drilling & testing of Sofiya-2 (ST-3). The well from Ranikot tested 17.18 MMscfd gas & 1517 STB/D condensate @ 48/64” choke.  To date, two wells with numerous side-tracks have been drilled on Sofia structure. Production from the field started in October 2017 after tie in Sofiya-2 (ST-3) in Mehar plant.   Ranikot reservoir from Sofia-2 (ST-3) has produced around 7 BSCF Gas and 0.42 MMSTB of Condensate.

Current working interest owners in Mehar block D&PL are UEPL 59.2105 % (operator), GHPL 25.0 %, OPI 11.8421 % & ZPCL 3.9474%. Regular production from Mehar field started in November 2013. Cumulative production from the block till 31st August 2020 is around 45.5 BSCF gas & 2.9 MMSTB of condensate. Surface facilities consist of amine sweetening & dehydration plants, hydrocarbon dew point control unit (HCDP), well gathering network, HP separators, sale end compressors & condensate storage facility.

Chanda D&P Lease:

The Chanda field is located in Shakardara area about 70 Km from Kohat district city, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. Chanda oil field is the first ever discovery of Hydrocarbons in KPK. Working interest owners in D&PL are OGDCL 72.0 % (operator), GHPL 17.50 % & ZPCL 10.50 %. The first exploratory well Chanda-1 discovered commercial quantity oil in November 1999. Field was brought on stream on 17th July 2004. Seven wells have been drilled so far. Five wells are producers & rest two wells are P&A.

Drilling of the first exploratory well Chanda-1 commenced in December 1998 to a target depth of 4,788 meters and established commercial discovery in Datta and Lumshiwal formations. Another exploratory well, Chanda Deep-1 was drilled to a target depth of 5,102 meters in Wargal Formation and this also established commercial discovery.  Chanda-2 was initially planned as a development well to a depth of 4,995 meters into Tredian Formation and was spud in June 2005. DST was carried out and it also proved to be a commercial discovery in a new zone of Kingriali Dolomite (Triassic). The well was subsequently completed in Datta and Kingriali Formations and commercial production started from July 2006.

Chanda Well-3 was spud in June 2007 but due to mechanical problems it resulted in five sidetracks with the deepest one drilled to 4,549 meters into Samanasuk Limestone of the Jurassic age. The objective however could not be achieved and the well was abandoned in 2009.

Later another development Chanda-4 was drilled down to Kingriali formation & completed in Datta-Kingriali formations. The well started producing in system from 26th September 2017. Chanda-1 workover was carried out in 2018 & the well successfully flowed hydrocarbons from Hangu reservoir. Another development well Chanda-5 has been drilled & started production in February-2020 to further ramp up the production from Chanda field.

Cumulative production from this field till 31st August 2020 is around 18.8 MMSTB of oil/condensate, 41 BSCF of gas & 59 M.MT of LPG. Surface facilities include Gas dehydration, Membrane & LPG recovery units, HP separators, Oil/LPG storage tanks & Loading system.

Exploration Blocks:

Operated Exploration License:

Sari South Block:

ZPCL acquired 100% exploration working interest in Sari South Block # 2467-9 from Saif Energy Limited with effect from January 2018. Sari South E.L covers a total area of 594.31 km2.The working area is located in Southwestern part of Pakistan. This block is situated at the junction of three well known districts of Sindh province namely Malir, Jamshoro and Thatta. Saif Energy Limited drilled two wells in Sari South Block namely “TM-1 and Wajid-1”. TM-1 Prospect was drilled in 2007 to test the hydrocarbon potential of Taj Muhammad (TM-1) Structure and unfortunately no hyderocarbons were discovered in TM-1 well. Wajid-1 well was drilled in 2012 at same Taj Muhammad structure and discovered non-commercial tight gas. ZPCL is planning to acquire 3D seismic data to drill an exploratory well to test the hydrocarbons potential of Sari South Block.

Non-operated Exploration Licenses:

Sakhi Sarwar Block:

OPI and ZPCL signed for Sakhi Sarwar Block # 2970-3 located in District D. G. Khan and Rajanpur, Punjab Province on December 09, 2004. The JV has undertaken a 2D seismic acquisition of 200 sq km. Sakhi Sarwar -1 well was re-entered in 2007 and drilled deeper which gave indicated hydrocarbons on a drill stem test. Two wells will be drilled in this concession according to the work commitment. This block is considered as one of the prime exploration blocks in the Country and ZPCL has a 20% working interest.

Harnai South Block:

The Harnai South block # 2967-4 was assigned on February 16, 2010, to the Joint Venture of Orient Petroleum Inc. as the Operator and ZPCL. The Block is located in the Baluchistan Province in districts Sibi, Bolan and Kohlu and immediately towards its east is Khatan region where 13 wells were drilled in 1885-1890 which produced 30-80 thousand Bbls of oil from the Dunghan Limestone (Paleocene) while Gokurt seep is to the southwest of this block. On the surface many east-west trending large anticlines exist on a multi-potential prospective area.. ZPCL has 20% working interest in this Block.

Marwat Block:

Marwat block # 3170-2 is located in districts D.I. Khan, Tribal Area Adjacent Tank and Lakki Marwat (KPK Province) and awarded to OPI and ZPCL on January 22, 2007. It lies on the prolific Bannu/ Kohat Basin. ZPCL currently holds 15% working interest in this Block.

Bannu West Block:

ZPCL acquired 10% exploration rights of Bannu West Block # 3370-13 from Saif Energy Limited effective from January 2018. Bannu West E.L covers a total area of 1229.57 km2. The working area is located in North Waziristan, Kurram Agency, Tribal Area Adjacent Lakki Marwat, Tribal Area Adjacent Bannu, Bannu and Hangu districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Bannu West E.L was awarded to Tullow Pakistan Development Limited (Tullow) on April 27, 2005. Exploration activities could not be resumed due to security situation and geo political conditions of the area. On March, 20, 2017 operatorship of Bannu West Block and entire working interest of Tullow was transferred to MPCL. Bannu West Block lies in highly prospective area with major oil and gas discoveries in surroundings. MPCL is currently acquiring 2D/3D seismic data to evaluate the prospectivity of the Block and has a plan to drill an exploratory well in 2019. Bannu West is considered one of the highly oil reach concession. The current JVPs are MPCL with 55% working interest (Operator), OGDCL with 35% working interest and ZPCL with 10% working interest.