Operated Fields

Operated Fields

Zamzama Field

Zamzama gas field lies 10 Km west of Dadu City in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The field was discovered in 1998 & brought on-stream in 2001. Orient Petroleum Inc. (operator) with 38.5%, GHPL with 35%, Eni with 17.75%, Premier with 9.375% and KUFPEC with 9.375% are the working interest owners in D&PL.

At present, 13 wells have been drilled on the field and state-of-the-art surface facilities with over 500 MMSCFD in capacity have been installed. A peak production of ~600 MMSCFD gas was recorded in 2009. Based on data from recent studies, Orient Petroleum Inc. plans to drill more wells to enhance production and also look at a deep potential.

Ratana Field

Ratana field is located approximately 100 kms south‐west of Islamabad in northern Punjab, Pakistan. It was discovered in 1992 with production quickly starting in July of 1993. Since production began up until the end of year in 2018, the field had produced 67.0 BSCF gas, 3.0 MMSTB of condensate & 53.0 MMT LPG. OPI is the working interest owner in D&PL with 65.91% while OGDCL with 25%, POL with 4.545% and AOC with 4.545% share the working interest.

To date, four wells with several sidetracks have been drilled & five proven reservoirs with over 2,500 feet hydrocarbon column have been identified. The field has several production facilities including Amine Sweetening Plant (20 MMSCFD), Dehydration Unit (30 MMSCFD), HP Separators, and storage tanks etc. The operator plans on drilling new wells based on the results acquired from azimuth 3D seismic.

Dhurnal Field

Located 60 kms south-west of Islamabad in Potwar Plateau, Upper Indus Basin of Pakistan, Dhurnal Field was discovered in 1984. Orient Petroleum Inc. (OPI) is the operator of the field with 70% working interest while other owners in D&PL working interest include OGDCL with 20%, POL with 5% and AOC with 5%. The field has seven wells of which four are producers while the remaining three are water injectors. It was here that Pakistan’s first water injection project was implemented in 1987 with peak production of ~20,000 STB/D oil in 1988. The production facilities consist of 30.0 MMSCFD capacity gas dehydration units, HP & LP separators, with de-salters, coolers/heat exchangers and storage tanks.

Bhangali Field

Discovered in 1989, Bhangali Field is situated in the Potwar Plateau of Upper Indus Basin of Pakistan some 60 kms south of Islamabad. Since discovery, a total of three wells have been drilled on the field. Working interest owners in D&PL are OPI (operator) 40%, OGDCL 50%, POL 7% & AOC 3%.

In 2011, Orient Petroleum acquired 119 sq. km of 3D seismic appearing rather promising. Production facilities consist of HP Separator, Coolers/heat Exchangers and storage units.