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Zaver Petroleum Corporation (Pvt) Limited
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 HSC Policy
ZPCL fulfils its responsibility to protect the environment to identify and evaluate all HSEQ hazards and the management of related risks. It ensures the health and safety of its employees and of those affected by its business and goes beyond compliance with local regulation to meet internationally accepted good practice in health, safety and environmental protection.

Health, safety and environmental performance, core values of the company are managed as an integral part of its business to benefit employees, neighbours and stockholders.


  • Ensure that all management decisions reflect our HSE intentions.

  • Provide education, training and supervision to ensure that all employees understand and comply with HSE directions.

  • Ongoing improvement of HSE performance so that work related hazards and incidents are reduced and the environmental emission and waste is suitably/properly managed.

  • The Environmental Strategy provides a framework for managing environmental risks and reduced usage of energy relative to the activity.

  • Regularly review the HSE Policy.
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