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Harnai South Block ...

ZPCL has remained actively involved in E & P activities in the North Potowar and Southern Indus Basin Blocks through participation in joint ventures with Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) in Basal, Thal and Shakardara Blocks in the Potowar region. The Company further acquired working interests in six blocks; Mehar (Sindh/Baluchistan), Mirpur Khas (Sindh), Khipro (Sindh) and Sakhi Sarwar (Punjab), Harnai South (Baluchistan) and Marwat (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa KPK). As a result of extensive exploration program, OGDCL/ZPCL discovered oil and gas in the Shakardara Block whose significance marks a new era in Pakistan's history, as this was the first discovery of hydrocarbons in KPK Province. Further on through a joint venture with Ocean Pakistan Limited (OPL), ZPCL discovered oil & gas in the Khipro and Mirpurkhas Blocks and Mehar Block with Petronas Carigali of Malaysia.


Shakardara Block:
The Shakardara block was awarded to ZPCL, GHPL (Government Holdings Private Limited) and OGDCL (Oil & Gas Development Company Limited “Operator”) in December 1994. Drilling of the first exploratory well (Chanda-1) commenced in December 1998 to a target depth of 4,788 meters and established commercial discovery in Datta and Lumshiwal Formations. Another exploratory well, Chanda Deep # 1 was drilled to a target depth of 5,102 meters in Wargal Formation and this also established commercial discovery. Extended production testing was then carried out and consequently Chanda field was declared commercial in June 2002. A pipeline was laid and commercial oil & gas production started since July 2004.

Chanda Well-2 which was initially drilled as a development well to a depth of 4,995 meters into Tredian Formation and was spud in June 2005. DST was carried out and it also proved to be a commercial discovery in a new zone of Kingriali Dolomite (Triassic). The well was subsequently completed in Datta and Kingriali Formations and commercial production started from July 2006.

Chanda Well-3 was spud in June 2007 but due to mechanical problems it resulted in five sidetracks with the deepest one drilled to 4,549 meters into Saman Suk Limestone of the Jurassic age. The objective however could not be penetrated and the well was abandoned in 2009.

As of recent estimate the field has produced a total of 12.57 million Bbls of oil and 27 Bcf of gas. ZPCL has 10.5% working interest. Currently new 3D seismic acquisition is in progress.

Khipro Block:
This Block was awarded to Ocean Pakistan Limited & GHPL in December 1999. 5% working interest was assigned to ZPCL by OPL in October 2000. To date JV has drilled -16 exploratory wells and completed the minimum work program commitment in Khipro area. Out of – 16 wells JV made 6 gas/condensate discoveries. Fast track commercialization was initiated and just after 6 months gas production -started from Naimat Basal and Siraj South. Other new prospects are constantly being evaluated for future development of the fields. Currently new 3D seismic is in progress and ZPCL’s working interest in this field is 3.9474% post commercial.

Mirpur Khas Block:
This Block was awarded to OPL (& GHPL in December 1999. ZPCL’s post commercial working interest is 3.9474%. To date 17 exploratory wells have been drilled in Mirpur Khas Block. Out of these, Mirpur Khas JV made five gas/condensate and one oil discovery.

The new 3D seismic acquisition of 1,559.9 Sq Km is in progress and 90% - of this has already been completed. This will generate new drilling prospects in the near future.

Mehar Block:
Mehar Petroleum Concession was signed in Dec, 1999. JV Partners are Petronas, Ocean Pakistan Limited, ZPCL and GHPL. Mehar (First Exploratory Well) was drilled down to Pab Sandstone and proved to be a commercial discovery. The appraisal well, Mehar-2, also proved commercial production both in Ranikot and Pab Sandstone Formation.

Mehar-3 development well was spud in January, 2012 and drilled to a depth of 3,965 meters into the Mughalkot Formation (Cretaceous). After successful testing for condensate and gas the well was shut-in as a Pab producer. 2D seismic (500 Lkm) and 3D (307 Sq Km) reprocessing has been completed and the inversion of this data is in near completion phase. Final completion is expected in the end of fourth quarter of 2012 with an expected production of 32MMcfd of gas and 3,300 Bbls of condensate per day. ZPCL post commercial working interest in this field is 3.95%.


Sakhi Sarwar Block:
OPL and ZPCL signed for Sakhi Sarwar Block located in District D. G. Khan and Rajanpur, Punjab Province in December, 2004. The JV has undertaken a 2D seismic acquisition of 200 sq km. Sakhi Sarwar -1 well was re-entered in 2007 and drilled deeper which gave indicated hydrocarbons on a drill stem test. Two wells will be drilled in this concession according to the work commitment. This block is considered as one of the prime exploration blocks in the Country and ZPCL has a 20% working interest.

Harnai South Block:
This block was assigned in February, 2010, to the Joint Venture of Ocean Pakistan Limited as the Operator and ZPCL The Block is located in the Baluchistan Province and immediately towards its east is Khatan region where 13 wells were drilled in 1885-1890 which produced 30-80 thousand Bbls of oil from the Dunghan Limestone (Paleocene) while Gokurt seep is to the southwest of this block. On the surface many east-west trending large anticlines exist on a multi-potential prospective area. ZPCL has 20% working interest in this Block.

Marwat Block:
This block is located in district D.I.Khan, Tank and Laki (KPK Province) and awarded to OPL and ZPCL in January 2007. It lies on the prolific Bannu/ Kohat Basin. Geological and geophysical work is ongoing and new 2D seismic is to be acquired. ZPCL currently holds 15% working interest in this Block.

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